Short answer: on a hammock at 10:00pm.

Longer Answer?

We’ve been frustrated by some of the current educational structures put in place: mainly, the chasm between a liberal arts education's multidisciplinary philosophy and the execution of that thought-process. We believe this has caused students to miss out on the opportunity to expand their creativity in order to gain valuable skills —  communication, creative thinking, and project-based collaboration — that would benefit them both in the classroom and after graduation. These skills are a part of what a University attempts to impart on its students, what students hope to learn from school, and they are consistently sought after once we leave school.

Instead of accepting the fact that we're being educated in a manner that contradicts several pillars of what constitutes a liberal arts education, we decided to do something about it.


Circles, circles everywhere

Have nifty looking graphs/drawings of our diagrams here + talk about what/how/why and how it relates to our process